10 February 2017

Handmade Cards -Metallic Designs

Here are some ideas for Handmade Cards

Card Ideas with easy and effective metallic designs
-Basic materials ...pencils, glue, card, metallic pen, etc
For the decoration you can use foil, tin trays or metallic wrapping paper/doilies/magazine pages.
Foil is very accessible and looks effective. Glue the card first, then stick the foil on to get the effect you want -flat and shiny or textured and creased
*The tin tray designs may not be suitable for younger children to make as the edges can be sharp
-Fold a piece of card in half
-Cut a small heart stencil (fold a small piece of card in half then cut a half-heart shape across the fold to make it symmetrical)
-Draw and cut out 2/3/4 heart shapes from different materials ...I used the edge from a tin tray, gold doiley and material off-cuts. Other options are wrapping paper, magazine cuttings, foil, etc
-Stick on and add decorative edge/message
-Stick some foil onto a piece of card (glue the card and then place on the foil)
-Draw a heart shape (using template or freehand)  and cut out
-Add piece of coloured card/wrapping paper for background detail (if needed) and stick on heart design
-Add decorative edge and message
-Cut heart shapes out of tin tray (the edges can be sharp so not suitable for young children to make)
-Use the design on the tray or draw design on the heart shapes with a pencil (it's better to rest this on a piece of thick card so the metal can be indented..or written on)
-Stick on card and add decorative edge/message
-Create metallic designs on tin tray -Draw, cut out and write or draw with a pencil
-Add background decoration and stick on metallic designs
-Add message if needed

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