2 April 2021

3-D Bird

Here's a classic idea for a Bird with 'fan' wings.
Easy to make and great to celebrate Spring or practise bird vocabulary.
-Thin coloured card
-Coloured paper
-Craft knife
-Basic Materials: pencil, tape, scissors, coloured pens/pencils
-White circular stickers (optional)

Stage 1
-Draw a bird body shape (or use a stencil if making several models)
-Cut out and make a 4cm horizontal slit at the the top of the body part
Stage 2
-Decorate the face and body of the bird (before adding the 'wings). You could use white circular stickers for the eyes and extra decoration
Stage 3
-Pleat the coloured paper into a fan (the folds should be around 2cm)
-Fold in half
Stage 4
-Insert the pleated 'wings' into the cut. Fan out and secure the two halves together at the top with tape. You can tape the underpart of the wings to the body to fan out fully.
-Tape string to the top part of the wings ..and hang up!
*This bird model could be adapted to different birds by changing colour/adding extra decoration ...peacocks, doves, for example.


  1. This is a lovely idea, I am going to make them with my 4-7 year olds at the Sunday Club tomorrow! Thank you!